KEYSOURCE COMPANY FOR GENERAL TRADING LTD. is committed to maintaining high standards of Health & Safety, and to minimizing and reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

Implementation of this policy is carried out according to the following principles:

·       A documented HSE Management System will be maintained to meet the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2015 standards.

·       We will comply with all relevant local, national and international laws, regulations and other requirements in the operation of our business.

·       Our business will aim to make efficient use of energy and resources, reduce waste and to minimize our environmental impact.

·       The Ill Health and injury to our employees and those working within our premises is a primary concern in the operation of our business.

·       The HSE Management Systems will incorporate methodology to manage our HSE compliance effectively and to continually improve the effectiveness of the HSE Management Systems.

·       We will establish HSE objectives for our business, and review our performance against these objectives during regular Management Review Meetings with the objective of continual improvement.

·       The HSE Policy will be regularly reviewed for continuing suitability during Management Review Meetings.

·       The HSE Policy is communicated to all employees and made available to all interested parties. Employees will be consulted on matters affecting their Health & Safety and provided with appropriate HSE training relevant to their job. All employees have a duty to work in compliance with the company's policies and procedures.

·       The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the implementation of this policy.