KS services &technology is a local private oilfield services, General trading and investment company based in Kurdistan region of Iraq.

While the KS name is relatively new, our team members are most experienced well-known engineers at the fields of oil and gas industry, service provider and natural resource investigator.

The main aim of KS is to deliver our clients a level of performance and services they were not receiving nowadays.


Keys to success


·        To achieve success, we rely on experience and technology. Corporate brand and huge amount of equipment, stock cannot ensure a successful design all relies on people, our engineers are some of the most experienced and well known in the KRI


·        There is no many ways in the pressure business to satisfy client, we do that!


 We are committed to providing highest quality of services by TEAMWORK HARDWORK (TWHW)

·        Mitigate risk and maximize value through comprehensive, independent studies and reviews by multidisciplinary experts.


·        KS members can provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to your viability studies (including scoping, feasibility and prefeasibility) economic evaluations and risk assessment.